Write code, hit publish and done!

Your app will be available for anyone to install on any device or board running Prism OS, where it can run besides other apps!

Get started Prism Store

Prism OS allows developers to make modern apps and widgets with ease, and makes distributing it with the world even easier

How does it work ?

Write apps with Prism SDK

Use simple APIs for everything you will need, graphics, network, timers, notifications and more

Publish on Prism Store

Showcase your app to the world, stand out with great screenshots, icon and description

Done! Prism OS handles the rest

Your app is now available to any Prism OS running device to install and try

Simple APIs with no learning curve

Arduino developers will find themselves right at home in Prism ecosystem! Developers don't need to worry about nitty-gritty of platform or device specific APIs! We also provide all the basic building blocks like graphics, network, timers, notifications and more out of the box with really simple APIs to make it really simple to build great apps.

Multiple apps and widgets

You don't have to keep flashing again and again to try different apps, multiple apps can run together on Prism OS, can users can try out multiple apps without removing the existing ones already installed. Our technology enables these low power embedded boards to not only run third party apps on the fly, something not possible till now, but also run multiple apps at the same time!

Prototype and deploy rapidly

Throw out the usb cable as Prism allows you to install apps Over The Air from anywhere, installing apps is literally just pressing install on the App Store, no more flashing or serial cables

Learn more

Read up on how to install Prism OS and start developing and installing some apps

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